Brief History of the Institute

  • The Institute for Drugs-Herbal Medicine-Excipient Research and Development (ID-HED-ERD) was a product of a proposal submitted to the University of Nigeria Senate by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2016. The Faculty submitted two proposed institutes – one dealing with Drug Development and Herbal Medicine and the other dealing with research into Pharmaceutical excipients. The University Senate merged the two proposed institutes to what is now known as Institute for Drug-Herbal Medicine-Excipient Research and Development. The Institute was approved as one of the Research Institutes in the University of Nigeria, and domiciled in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the 388th meeting of the University Senate on August 31, 2016. The Institute received a formal approval by the University Governing Council at its 250th meeting held in January 17 and 18, 2017.

On March 10, 2017 the Vice Chancellor, Professor B.C Ozumba appointed Professor Sabinus Ifeanyi Ofoefule, a Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy as the Pioneer Director of the Institute.


The Institute was charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Conduct research into the various Drug Delivery systems with particular emphasis on Novel Drug Delivery systems.
  2. Conducts studies to ascertain efficacy and safety medicinal plants in Nigeria for use in the community and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Conduct clinical screening, scientific validation of medicinal plant products, Pharmacological and Toxicological studies of medicinal plants and isolation of bioactive constituents of medicinal plants
  1. Design appropriate dosage forms for medicinal plants proven to be therapeutically effective and provide advocacy for the rational use of safe and effective medicinal plants by healthcare providers.
  2. Develop and maintain a functional and viable Botanical garden domiciled in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  3. Development of Pharmaceutical excipients from local sources, functionality and standardization of locally sourced excipients for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Liaise with other similar institutes, traditional herbal practitioner in Nigeria and abroad to expand knowledge and enhance collaboration in Herbal medicine and Pharmaceutical excipient Research.

1.1   Vision

The Institute shall be the recognized leading authority on Drug discovery, Herbal Medicine and Pharmaceutical Excipients Research in Nigeria.

1.2   Mission

The Institute shall undertake research into novel drug delivery systems, herbal medicine research and utilization and pharmaceutical excipients sourcing, functionality testing and standardization in an integrated and multi disciplinary approach within and outside the pharmaceutical sciences to:

  • Establish rational use of herbal medicines, and
  • Promote the local content of the pharmaceutical Industry in Nigeria.


1.3   Research Focus

The main focus of researches of the Institute is;

  1. Research into the development of drugs, especially novel drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical excipients and materials from local plant and animal sources for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  2. Research into bioactive substances from plant and animal sources, including isolation, characterization and standardization of bioactive substances from plant and animals using appropriate Technologies.
  • Develop appropriate dosage forms for developed drug entities and herbal medicines, including pilot scale up of established dosage forms.
  1. Establish and maintain functional laboratories and upgrade the easting pharmaceutical medicinal plant garden for the propagation of medicinal plants.
  2. Establish and enter into collaborative agreement with other relevant Research Institutes and Pharmaceutical companies/establishments for the purpose of synergy and commercialization of research findings.
  3. Liaise with complementary national bodies, government agencies, regional and international bodies in the pursuance of the objectives of the Institute.
  • Conduct national, regional and international workshops/conferences on Drugs, Herbal Medicines and Pharmaceutical Excipient development.




1.4 Research Faculty

The institute shall operate four research subunits to achieve its research objectives. The research subunits are;

  1. Phytochemical Screening/ Pharmacological Unit
  2. Microbiological/ Biotech/ Clinical Unit
  • Formulation/ Analytical Unit
  1. Grant Writing/ Publication Unit